Hydroxycut & Its Secret Ingredients Leads To Multiple Lawsuits & $25 Million FDA Fine


WARNING: Please read this before buying Hydroxycut and spread the word before another person suffers health problems resulting from its use. Don’t ask “Does Hydroxycut Work?”, ask “Is Hydroxycut Safe To Use?”!

Hydroxycut-does-not-work-recallHello, I’m glad you found this site before purchasing Hydroxycut because I want you to know the facts and a little background on the product before putting your body at potential risk.

It still amazes me how few people take the time to research something they put in their body and seldom ask the right questions.

Wouldn’t you rather buy a PROVEN fat burning diet pill that has no known adverse health risks and has worked for millions over the last 5 years?

If you’re considering buying Hydroxycut, I recommend you take a look at Phen375 first.


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Trying To Lose Weight For Me Was Painfully Difficult

Believe it or not I was once a very athletic and outgoing person that was always going and doing something. As I got older, married and started a family, without realizing it at first I gradually packed on the pounds until one day I could barely recognize myself.

With work (a desk job with minimal physical activity) and a family its hard to get any sort of real exercise so I continued to pack it on.

Finally, some co-workers were looking into buying Hydroxycut to try so I said “What the heck” and joined them.

After about a month, we all experienced the same basic results. The first week to week and a half we lost a couple pounds only to gain them back over the next few weeks. In my case, I gained 2 more pounds extra.

Thinking we had not used the product correctly, I hopped on the net to get the lowdown on the best way to use it and found only fake Hydroxycut reviews and FDA recall press releases!

31954You can imagine how shocked I was and I immediately told my co-workers about it.

We were in disbelief at the amount of lawsuits related to health damage from using Hydroxycut and couldn’t believe we bought and used this pill, putting our health at risk without researching it thoroughly, only going by the bogus claims it uses.

Questions and concerns about Hydroxycut ingredients and side effects were widespread and the list was growing.

How could we have missed this?


FDA Fine And Multiple Health Related Lawsuits Against Hydroxycut

After over 23 cases of liver failure and one death, the FDA fined the makers of Hydroxycut over $25 million and made them take “safe and effective” off their label.

Even after the lawsuits were filed against them, they still marketed their product as “safe” until the FDA stepped in. This opened my eyes to how little this company cared about its potential buyers. But still, many media outlets wondered how they are still selling their product with many of the same claims.

 Still Wondering “Does Hydroxycut Work?”

Hopefully by now you’ve started to see why its important to ask about the safety of a diet product rather than simply look at before and after pics and asking “does product x work?” questions. This is serious, we’re talking about your health.

Which is why I totally recommend Phen375 over Hydroxycut.

There are many benefits to using Phen375 but here are some of the main ones:

  • Its a weight loss dietary supplement (not take a pill and that’s it)
  • Yields its best results when used with a sensible diet (used in combination for overall health)
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Improves glucose levels
  • Burns calories
  • Suppresses your appetite and
  • Reduces bloating

Now as stated above, Phen375 is great for burning fat and calories but it does need you to commit to a consistent, healthy meal plan to see its biggest benefits. If you do, the results are outstanding. To see a huge list of customer testimonials, click here.


Just Know This

No matter which supplement or fat burner you choose, due your homework and research them as much as possible. Of course there are bad reviews on most products on the internet but Hydroxycut has more than most and news of the FDA fines are definite red flags.

Do yourself a favor and give Phen375 a try, and if you’re willing to put a little effort into eating better you’ll see amazing results. I’ve not lost as much weight as some of my co-workers yet, but I’m getting there and most of all I feel so much better and I know you will too.

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